DJ Dave offers a range of DJ services to cater to the needs of their clients. Here are some of the services they offer:


Customized DJ services

DJ Dave will work closely with their clients to customize the DJ services that suit their needs. They will take into account the client’s preferences, the type of event, and the venue to provide a personalized experience.


DJ Dave provides microphones for speeches, announcements, and other important moments during the event.

Consultation services

DJ Dave offers consultation services to help their clients plan their event. They will provide suggestions and advice to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Do-not-play lists

DJ Dave will take into account the client’s preferences and ensure that any songs they do not want to hear are not played.

One-event-per-day policy

DJ Dave only covers one event per day to ensure that they can give their full attention to their clients and provide the best possible service.

Sound/PA system

DJ Dave provides professional-grade sound and PA systems for their events. They ensure that the equipment is set up correctly and functions properly throughout the event.

Up Lighting

They offer up lighting to create a visually appealing atmosphere for the event.

Master of Ceremonies (MC) services

DJ Dave provides MC services to ensure that the event runs smoothly. They will make announcements, introduce speakers, and coordinate the various activities throughout the event.

Genre diversity

DJ Dave offers a wide variety of music genres, including country, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, oldies, pop, R&B/soul, and rock. They will ensure that there is something for everyone at the event.